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Pregnancy Skincare

Pregnancy can be a time of changes - increasing size and weight, fluctuating hormones, morning sickness, food cravings and the ominous skin changes. Skin changes can vary from the dreaded stretch marks to the joyous “glow of pregnancy”. Some women experience increased acne outbreaks while others find that they have a linea nigra running vertically down their abdomens. All women and pregnancies are unique but proper skin care, hydration and a healthy diet can all work to minimize the impact that pregnancy will have on your skin.

pregnancy skin care

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An in-depth article on everything you need to know about pregnancy skin care. From eye creams, to masks, to exfoliants, here is the 411 on pregnancy skin care categories. Still have questions? Take a look at our FAQ section for more answers. Recommended websites for information and purchase of products.